Amber Sisters is an artistic brand fueled by the feminine power and ambition of three beautiful souls, three sisters who decided to share their rich family tradition with the world from a cozy design boutique. 

    In the midst of Old Riga, Latvia, a place where every corner has a story to tell, you can find our Amber Sisters store that began its journey to continue their family inherited craftsmanship in 2009. The three founding sisters, Elza, Helena and Vineta, have received the artistic gift from their Grandmother Tekla who taught them different traditional techniques, like crochetery and how to make candles and macramé. And our name comes from our mother Dzintra, a Latvian name that means Amber and from our dear Baltic Sea, locally called the Amber Sea. Our strength and passion comes from our family history and from the place we were born and loved ever since. 

   We’re a brand that prides itself with our inherited traditions, who wants to gather and show the world the strong family histories of various masters we know and love. You will experience a piece of a master’s soul with more than 30 years of experience, and who is passing on their family’s unique craftsmanship and sharing it with you through our lovely boutique. We feature lovely creative works of diverse masters like weavers, potters, glass artists, knitwear designers, fashion accessories designers, whose works you can’t find anywhere else. They uniquely handcraft the items and infuse them with inspiring stories, to be sold as souvenirs in Riga Old town, to anyone who adventured into our amazing boutique, wanting to take a piece of history with them back home. 

      Everything we sell has a story that will remind you of their place of origin. A place you’ll fall in love with, and it will become a little part of your soul that will stay with you forever.